Skeptic Faces-Off with Homicide Detectives Over Psychic Detective Case

Del Mar, CA, May 24, 2009 --( The popularity of psychics, and in particular psychic detectives, has soared in recent years. However, there have been few serious investigations into the validity of their predictions, and the accuracy of their results.

Over the last few months one such investigation has taken place. It was done by psychic detective "believer", and host of Skeptiko, Alex Tsakiris, and skeptic, and editor at The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, Ben Radford.

The results of their investigation are now being presented for the first time. Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews Ben Radford of The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, psychic detective Nancy Orlen Weber, and New Jersey homicide detectives Captain Jim Moore and Lt. Bill Hughes.

During the 70-minute interview Radford summarizes his findings from the three-month investigation: Radford: "How do you explain the fact that in at least that on several occasions, at least four instances, the two police detectives remember Nancy Weber saying something different than what she says?" Tsakiris: "I do not have to explain that because Lt. Bill Hughes and Captain Jim Moore did a great job of explaining it."

The investigation stems from the 1982 murder of Amie Hoffman in New Jersey. The investigation by Skeptiko sought to demonstrate how those skeptical of evidence of psychic detectives evaluate evidence of psychic phenomena.


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