Psychic's tip spurs search for missing Hamtramck girl

Maureen Feighan / The Detroit News

Detroit -- The search for 3-year-old Tangena Hussain, last seen by her mother's boyfriend in early October at a Detroit gas station, received renewed attention with an unusual tip from a California psychic.

Detroit police scoured a vacant lot at Lemay Street and Interstate 94, searching for the remains of the missing Hamtramck girl but found nothing, a Detroit police spokeswoman Eren Stephens Bell said.

Stephens Bell said they initially thought the tip that the psychic may know the toddler's whereabouts was "kind of strange" but checked it out anyway.

"Anytime we receive information, especially about a missing child, we have to pursue it," she said. Police used Michigan State Police cadaver dogs to sift through the 15-20 acres of vacant land Thursday but found nothing other than the skeletal remains of two pit bulls, Stephens Bell said.

Hussain was with her mother's boyfriend, Jamrul Hussain -- who is not related to the girl -- on Oct. 2 when he told police he went into a gas station to buy a pack of gum and came out to find the toddler missing.

He has since been arrested on other unrelated criminal charges.


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