Famous Psychics

Here you will information about some of the world's most famous psychics. Each one of these personalities has contributed to the area of psychic development. Some of these individuals have become famous for making accurate psychic predictions others have become known as famous psychics as a result of television appearances. Whether these famous psychics have gained recognition for their personalities or for the accuracy of their psychic ability, each is worthy of being included in any collection of famous psychics.

Edgar Cayce was perhaps the most documented and famous psychic of the twentieth century, Cayce gave readings to thousands of clients for more than 40 years. Cayce provided readings while in a unconscious or semi- conscious state and was known as the sleeping prophet. Learn more about Edgar Cayce

Jeanne Dixon was a famous psychic and astrologer and was most popular in the 1950's and 60's. She is widely credited with predicting the assasination of John F. Kennedy.She was also one of several astrologers who gave advice to Nancy Reagan during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
Learn more about Jeanne Dixon

Nostradamus was a famous psychic who live in the 1500's and published a collection of prophecies that have since become well known around the world. Nostradamus is credited with making several accurate predictions about future events. Nostradamus

Jeffry R. Palmer is an Australian psychic who gained international recognition with accurate and detailed psychic predictions of Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Indonesia among many others.
Learn more about Jeffry R. Palmer

John Edward is a famous television psychic best known for the popular show called "Crossing Over" in which he passes on information gathered from the deceased relatives and friends to questioning family members. More information about John Edward

James Van Praagh is the author of several books and is co-executive producers of the hit television show "Ghost Whisperer" Van Praagh may be considered a celebrity psychic. Read more about James Van Praagh

Ingo Swann is a famous psychic who helped to develop the process of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute Ingo Swann in depth

Helen Duncan was a famous Scottish medium best known as the last person to be convicted under the British Witchcraft Act of 1735.
More about Helen Duncan

Daniel Dunglas Home was a famous psychic and medium who became widely known for his claim of powers of levitation and the ability to handle fire and hot coals without injury. Home conducted hundreds of seances over 35 years and attracted the interest of such notable celebrities as
Arthur Conan Doyle.Daniel Dunglas Home

Dion Fortune born in 1890 as Dion Fortune was a famous psychic, occultist and author who is best remembered for her book "Cosmic Doctrine" which is still widely read today.
Dion Fortune

Rosemary-Altea is a famous psychic and healer who works with spirit guides particu;ar;y a spirit guide named Grey Eagle who she says perusuaded her to write her first book, "The Eagle and the Rose" which became a bestseller.
Learn more about Rosemary-Altea

George Anderson is famous for his ability to communicate with the dead. Anderson is considered by many to be the world's greatest medium
Discover more about George Anderson

Caroline Myss is a famous psychic best known for her medical intuiton abilities, She is the author of "Anatomy of the Spirit"
Caroline Myss

Gerard Cloiset was known for his ability to read or sense information from an object also known as psychometry.
On one occasion he held a ruler belonging to his employer and saw events which he related to his employer and which his employer confirmed were accurate. Cloiset became a famous psychic and was consulted by police departments around the world in missing persons cases. Read more about Gerard Cloiset

Jane Roberts became a famous psychic and medium in connection to her channeling the entity known as "Seth".The publication of the Seth texts established her as one of the preeminent figures in the world of paranormal
phenomena. Full details about Jane Roberts

Jose Arigo was a famous Brazilian psychic and psychic surgeon.
It was believed that he could remove tumors and perform other surgical operations without having the patient feel the pain of an incision and/or without them Learn more about Jose Arigo

Uri Gellar is a famous Isreali Psychic
Originally an Israeli nightclub performer Geller rose to fame after a series of televised paranormal performances of telekinesis, dowsing and mind-reading. Uri Gellar

Arthur Ford was a famous American Psychic
and in 1955 founded the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. His psychic abilities first presented themselves to him during the First World War while serving in the Army he would "hear" the names of fellow soldiers and within the next days they would be on the casualty lists Read more about Arthur Ford
dle East

Barbara Marciniak
is an internationally acclaimed trance channel, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, Family of Light, and Path of Empowerment, which collectively have been translated into more than twenty languages
Learn more about Barbara Marciniak

Esther Hicks is a famous medium or channeler of spiritual teachers or entities known as Abraham. She is a motivational speaker who has authored several books and gives lectures around the world.


If you know of a famous psychic that you would like to see included in these pages please contact us.

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