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Leanne, Saskatchewan Canada

Jeff, Thank you so much for your insightful and detailed response to my list of complicated questions. I am extremely happy with the way you presented it to me. It is the most self empowering reading I have every received. It is exactly what I needed. I had tears of gratitude and a warm heart for you as a person and your intuitive abilities as I was reading it. I am so very grateful and send blessings to you for this gift. I needed someone to hold my hand so that I could begin to cross a bridge and I just knew that you were the one to do this. In Canada it is thanksgiving this weekend and I dedicate my thanks and blessings to you this year.


Jan, USA

You are truly remarkable. I have never met someone as gifted as you and it is only because of meeting you that I start trusting that people like you exist.


Simon, York, United Kingdom

Dear Jeffry R. Palmer, Thanks for the reading, which evidently demonstrates that you have obtained an exceptionally distinct and genuine sense of who I am. The accuracy of it is incomprehensible.


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