World's Best Psychics

Ask most people who the world's best psychics are and they will probably name the ones they have last seen on television, people like Sylvia Brown or John Edwards. I want to point out that a syndicated television show or regular appearances on Montel Williams do not necessarily equate to great psychic ability. In fact it may mean that these people are better at marketing themselves than they are at using the psychic faculties of their minds..

The truth of the matter is that the world's best psychics are people you have never heard of. Some of the world's best psychics are farmers, plumbers, students, and people just like you. They may not publicize their psychic abilities; actually it is quite common for many people with psychic abilities to keep the fact a secret. Most people fear ridicule and it is a sad fact that psychic abilities still have a stigma attached to them.

Some people who have exhibited incredible psychic abilities are placed into special secret government experimental programs. These people are isolated from the public, kept under military guard and studied for possible military and espionage purposes. In the past individuals like this have exhibited the ability to psychically transport material from one location to another, exert control over time and space and cause physical damage to another human being using psychic means across a great distance. It is easy to see why these people are never heard of even though the may be some the greatest psychics ever to walk the earth.

In China today there is an active and growing psychic research program in place, in what Chinese researchers refer to as EHF or Exceptional Human Functions. The psychics involved in research programs such as this are rarely known by the public. China is not alone in conducting secret psychic research programs. A classified program focusing on psychic remote viewing took place in the US for many years until it was made public and discontinued in the 1990's. Only a few years ago, the US Air Force applied for 7.5 million dollars in funding to study psychic teleportation. One has to wonder what type of covert research programs are underway right now in the US and what abilities such programs may be studying.

Today's most popular psychics appear on national radio shows and make failed predictions or appear on Larry King and attempt to refute skeptical analysis of their abilities. Meanwhile psychics of vast ability are the subject of secret government and military experiments into the control of matter, the manipulation of time and the expansion of awareness beyond the physical realm. And you will never hear their names mentioned on TV.

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