Who Asks For a Psychic Reading?

If you believe all of the skeptics and Naysayers in the world, then you might buy into the notion that the only people who ever look to psychics for advice are desperate, uneducated fools with no common sense. Well, this cynical view couldn't be farther from the truth. As a professional psychic I have provided readings for doctors, lawyers, authors, politicians, movie stars, scientists, high profile business men, as well as house wives, electricians and grocery store clerks. My clients come from all walks of life. But there is one thing that they all have in common, they are all incredibly smart.

So what drives these intelligent, savvy and rational people to utilize my services? What would any sane, logical and street smart person hope to gain from a psychic reading? The short answer to this question is intuition. There intuition drives them to seek out advice from a non traditional source, and they place trust in my intuition to offer useful guidance and information.

In many cases, clients seem to approach the psychic reading process as a method of validating there own intuitive feelings regarding specific situations or circumstances. Things don't always turn out quite the way that these clients might expect. Sometimes my intuitive senses validate there own and sometimes they don't. I make it a rule not to tell client's what they want to hear, I focus on my own intuitive responses to questions regardless of how the client may feel about them. In the end, the client receives information which is unbiased and honest, and they take away from the experience insights which are not readily available from any other source.

© 2009 - Jeffry R. Palmer

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