Thought Energy

Thought energy is the energy created by ideas, emotions, intentions and beliefs. Like physical energy which has a postive or negative charge, so does the energy created by our thoughts.

Every thought that we have creates it's own energy. Our thoughts are similiar to a radio transmitter. The reciever of our thought transmissions is the universe itself. It can also be said, if we define life as the equitable exchange of energy with the universe that the universe, in a sense, is the power source of our thought and life energy.

The energy of thoughts are measurable using modern devices such as PET scans ( Positron Emission Tomography ) and MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging ) Emotions have been shown to create thier own unique energy signatures.

The energy created by our thoughts is often undervalued by both scientists and theoligians. I make the argument that all thought creates energy, furthermore the energy created by our thoughts effects the course of events, it effects the health of the individual as well as the community.

It is easy to see that there is no more important responiblity than to be in charge of our thoughts. Negative thought leads on a personal level to ill health both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Negative thoughts as a human collective create catastophe in the form of war, pestilence and disaster. Recent events all over the planet seem to offer all the evidence one could need that the result of mass negative thought energy is currently manifesting itself. It is and easy thing to say that massive amounts of negative thought energy can cause widespread damage, the results are plain to see since this seems to be the default thinking mode of most humans.

There are few examples to point to illustrate the power of mass positive thought energy. It is a rare case when like minded people join together with the intent to create positive thought energy.

One case that stands out is an event that took place in Washington D.C in 1998. A group of new age thinkers joined together to focus positive energy on the problem of crime in the US.

Over the course of several weeks this group concentrated considerable mental efforts on diminishing the level of crime in the United States, Not suprisingly several US cities reported up to a 30% decrease in crime durring this period.

Your thoughts are the currencies with which you exchange
energy with the universe

Do you believe that your thoughts have energy? Do you believe that a place or an object can retain the energy of the people that have come into contact with it? If you have ever entered an old home and sensed the presence of its previous occupants, or held an antique item in your hands and felt the history of it, then you know the answers.

Scientists are just beginning to accept the truth about thought energy, and have begun to study what many have known for centuries. In fact some of today's leading scientists in areas of physics, biology, psychology and many other fields are starting to recognize the importance of thought energy.

Positive thought energy in the form of collective meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce violent crime! In 1993 a study encouraged by one the world's leading physicists was undertaken in Washington D.C to determine if focused meditation could have an effect on that city's crime rate. The results were astonishing. During the weeks that several volunteers meditated, crime rates fell dramatically by 25 percent! This was no accident. This was scientifically validated and proven to be an effective means of countering the criminal inclinations of a very large group of people…an entire city in fact.

All life is energy.

Thoughts have energy. Negative thoughts create negative events. Positive thoughts create positive results. The energy of thought is either stored in physical structures or is transmitted into the universe, it never dies.

Consider what this means. Think about the ramifications.

Where did the clothes you are wearing come from, who made them? Were they manufactured by depressed and impoverished people working in appalling conditions for weeks to make the same amount of money that you spend on a cup of coffee in the morning?

Who built the car that you drive? Was it built by disgruntled and tired factory workers? Where some of those workers alcoholics? Did some of them leave work, go home, beat their wives and children and build your car the next morning?

Who built the house that you live in? Who came into contact with the food that you ate today? Starting to get the picture? Everything we come into contact with can hold the thought energy of other people. Even the air that we breathe carries the thought energy of those it surrounds.

What were the thoughts that have been injected into every part of your life? How much has the thought energy of others affected you? Every thought interacts with the energy of the universe. Negative thought looks for other negatives thought energies to bind with.

Eventually a matrix of negative thought energy is created and forms a thought wave. These powerful negative thought waves manifest themselves in our lives in the form of poverty, crime, war, plagues and natural disasters. Negative energy creates a vacuum, it detracts from the life giving nature of the universe.

Negative thought waves come in many sizes and have been known by many names, bad luck, misfortune, disaster, evil, curses, etc. Call them what you will, the source of their energy is the same. The source is us. Positive thought energy also seeks out other positive energies. If you are a source of positive thought energy, positive and beneficial energy will return to you in many wonderful and unexpected ways.

Positive thought energy creates a surplus; it is the surplus of positive thought energy that allows for the creation of life. You are the source and creator of all things. Everything that happens in your life has a direct connection with the type of energy that you are charging the universe with. You alone are responsible for the type of energy created by your life.

Becoming aware of the power of your own thoughts is the most important step in understanding how to handle the adverse influence of the negative thought of others. Knowing the value of positive thought energy allows us to become sensitive to negative energy. We begin to notice it in our own speech, we see it in our relationships, and we notice it in others. Being aware is the key.

Once we are aware of the negative thought energy in our lives we can take measures to eliminate it and replace it with beneficial, healing energy. It is as simple as noticing it and dismissing it with our minds. A thought enters our mind that we recognize as negative, we simply dismiss it.

By dismissing negativity we take away its power by not allowing it to manifest further negativity in our lives.

There are of course many other techniques available to combat negative thought energy and create positive abundance in our lives; including focused meditation among others. The critical first step however is simply being aware of the existence and effects of these energies.






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