Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are entities - physical and non-physical - who have chosen to aid others on the path to spiritual enlightenment as we are about to ascend to higher light - the evolution of consciousness - our natural state of being. You may sometimes see a spark of light before you that blinks in and out for just a second. That is a soul spark. That is YOU. You are frequency. Spirit guides are higher frequency. It's like turning on a television or radio - one need only adjust the station to the matching frequency to connect. Connection is usually telepathic unless your spirit guide uses some form of telekinesis to move objects or manifest objects to reinforce their connection with you.

These are spirits of like spiritual age to ourselves, working on the principle of "like attracts like". They are usually not with us all the time. They come when we are "receptive", or when they feel that their attempt at guiding us might help. They, like the Guardian, often have a love link with us. Knowing us in this and/or a previous life/lives as a brother, sister, wife, etc.

A guide could be anybody, but often they have lived on earth many centuries ago. Because of the time spent in spirit, they have become highly developed in spiritual ways. They choose to remain close to the earth life, and act as a link and teacher. Many mediums will often tell of their guide as being a Red Indian or from some other exotic race. The reason is simply that Red Indians for example, lived a very spiritual existence, and also believed in their own psychic skills.

Based on these backgrounds, they are ideally suited to spiritual work. But it is not always the case, the level of spirituality dictates if they able to take on the work, not the background. A guide could also be, as some mediums report, someone they knew in a previous life, or indeed a family member. Whoever the guide is, and from whatever background, the medium will have some form of affinity with them. It is this familiarity that bonds them and allows them to work closely together.

Psychologist Gardner Murphy came up with the theory that most ghosts are cases of retrocognition in which an individual becomes momentarily displaced in time and can actually perceive scenes from the past.

Further rigorous testing of Swann, Price, photographer Hella Hamid and others at SRI convinced Targ and Puthoff that remote viewing was not just an ability to be enjoyed by certain psychics but that anyone accomplish it. The remote viewing program went through a number of changes over the years in structure as well in name. Later code names include Gondola Wish, Grill Flame, and in 1991, Star Gate.

Over the course of twenty years, the United States spent $20 million on Star Gate and related projects. Over the course of its existence more than forty personnel worked on the project, including more than twenty remote viewers.

Concerns about the program's effectiveness led the CIA to contract the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to provide an evaluation. Their final report included an endorsement from statistician Jessica Utts, who found the government psychics' 15% success rate statistically significant; and a rebuttal from noted sceptics Ray Hyman, who pointed to flaws in the ways the experiments were conducted and results tabulated.

AIR's final recommendation to the CIA was to terminate the program, which it did in 1995. According to the CIA, Remote Viewing has never provided data used to guide intelligence operations




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