Psychic Protection

If you have ever suddenly felt a surge of negative emotions which seemingly have come from out of the blue you may have been the victim of a psychic attack. A psychic attack is a focused mass of negative thought energy that is directed at a specific target. Such attacks go beyond mere ill-wishing or feelings of jealousy that someone may feel towards you. A psychic attack carries much more weight than the day to day negative feelings that may be directed at any of us.

The symptoms of psychic attack are emotional disturbances which come on suddenly and inexplicably, confusion, headache, weakness and irritability. If psychic attacks are left unchecked they can grow in strength and duration and will eventually lead to more severe consequences.

If you have reason to believe that a particular person is angry with you and may be sending harmful though energies your way try the following exercise to counter a psychic attack. Visualize the negative person standing within a glass box and imagine yourself standing outside the box, now when this person attempts to send negative energy towards you it is trapped within the glass box and unable to affect you. Use this visualization at those times when you feel you are being psychically assaulted. It is also useful to visualize yourself being surrounded by a white protective layer of light, try to combine both of these images in your mind at the same time, with a little bit of practice you will be able to greatly diminish and counter a psychic attack.

The physical body is surrounded with spiritual energy, the aura. The aura is a dynamic living entity, part of the physical self, yet separate to the extent in which it interacts invisibly with our surroundings and other energy forms. The aura is the energetic embodiment of the soul or spiritual self.

The physical mind can be taught to reshape spiritual energy form into a psychic shield, a protective bubble which does not allow harmful energy to reach the inner core of the soul where it can do the most damage.

The process is quite simple and is strengthened through practice. Begin with the simple meditation routine described on page ten of this book. During the course of your meditation visualize your aura as a vibrating field of light energy. The field of energy extends outward a few inches from the surface of your skin.

Your life energy vibrates and swirls around you at all times, coming into contact with all manner of other life energies, both positive and negative. Now imagine the energy of your aura forming the shape of a protective globe of brilliant light. Negative thought and intentions in the form of red light as well as dark energy attempt to corrupt your spiritual existence. Within the protection of your light energy globe, negative influences bounce off, are deflected and returned to their original source.

Make a practice of visualizing the creation of your protective energy shield at the start of every meditation session. With repetition the strength of your psychic shield is increased and can eventually be called up at will. Rely on your shield at any time that you feel under the influence of psychic assault. This technique for calling up a protective barrier against even the strongest of negative energies whenever it is needed, involves connecting the mind, body and spirit instantly to create a powerful protective energy barrier.

Once you have familiarized your self with the meditative technique of visualizing a protective bubble you should be able to summon this shield without the assistance of meditation. Simply focus your mind on the act of creating the shield. While your mind is focused on creating the shield, use your hands to close the energy conduit of your aura. In a very real sense, you and every other living creature are both a source and a conductor of energy. You are in constant and direct connection with the energy of all things.

The physical act of closing the hands has the effect of closing a circuit. You are closing the circuit of your life energy while still remaining connected to the energy of the universe. The combination of closing the life energy circuit and creating a protective aura shield is the most powerful tool available for combating a psychic attack. This maneuver not only defends the spiritual self, it sends the negative energy of an attack directly back to its origin. The attacker sees his own negative energy returned only with more momentum and force than was originally created. Practice visualizing the instant creation of an aura shield; imagine with as much detail as possible the protective energy of your spirit blossoming outward to form an impenetrable barrier.

Now combine this visualization with the act of closing the hands. Hold your hands a few inches apart, as if you were about to clap or begin a prayer. Try to feel the energy of your aura between your hands. Many people report feeling a slightly warm sensation when performing this procedure. Pay attention to whatever sensations you may be feeling at this moment. Now, press your hands together, and as you do visualize the energy of your aura being compressed between your hands. As you compress the aura it forms a globe which surrounds your entire body.

The physical act of clasping the hands to temporarily close your life energy circuit and visualizing the protective aura are instantaneous. Practice this technique until it feels completely natural. One of the greatest advantages of this psychic defense technique is that it can be used discretely. This seemingly simple hand gesture can be used in almost any public situation without drawing attention to the fact that you are combating negative psychic energy. When confronted with any form of threatening energy, this technique offers an incredibly powerful and stealthy defense. Don't forget to turn off your protective shield when it is no longer needed, use it when feeling confronted or overwhelmed by negative energy and rely on the strength of your spirit for day to day protection.

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