Psychic Predictions

The following psychic predictions reach into 2009 and 2010. The psychic predictions are the result of a form of psychic or intuitive meditation techniques developed by Jeffry R. Palmer in which images, words and thought forms are interpreted and recorded. Psychic predictions are also included here by a variety of other authors.

Psychic Predictions by Jeffry Palmer for 2009

Israel initiates and air strike against Iran in June of 2009. This involves a missile strike as well as aerial bombing of nuclear refinement centers in Iran.

Russia Sends military troops to Iran in July of 2009 and may become iinvolved in the defense of Iran agianst Israli military strikes.

The year 2009 will prove to be one of world changes, a year in which the balance of world powers shift in both subtle and obvious ways.

Contrary to many economic forecasts which preduct that the economy will worsen, I feel that by the end of July 2009 there will be a stabilization of the economy.

Asian markets are less effected in 2009 by the economy than was initially feared. It seems that the hardest hit market is the U.S which will continue to see the closure of many manufacturing and production facilities during 2009 and into 2010. The trend of foreign and government investment into US owned businesses will continue.

There will be a major investment or buy-out by China in the US steel industry.

Gold will reach $1500 US per ounce by the end of 2009

A number of bizarre and disturbing crimes will make the headlines in the later part of 2008 and 2009. These crimes will involve children and families. The level of brutality, strangeness, cruelty and disregard for the sanctity of life will be appalling. These crimes will take place in many locations around the world, but Toronto, Florida, Perth, San Diego all come to mind as possible locations for these crimes to take place. A cluster of senseless brutality.

It is discovered in January of 2009 that a shipwrecked boat containing smuggled imigrants in Alaska is responsible for mysterious body parts washing ashore. This shipwreck may have occured as long ago as 2007. The ship, a fishing vessel may be Chinese in origin.

Food shortages continue, India and China both see rationing of rice and other foods towards the start of 2009.

More earth-like planets are found in 2008 and 2009. Astronomers will reveal that almost every star in the universe is a solar system containing several planets. The number of earth-like planets found will reach the thousands by the end of 2009.

The Obama / McCain presidential race will be a very close one similar to Gore / Bush. Obama will win the presidential election.

Weather and natural distasters again in 2009 take center stage in world events. A major earthquake in Mexico in 2009 kills thousands. Flooding in China and a major snow storm in the North East US in the winter of 2008.

A power major outage which is not remedied for several weeks in Russia causes loss of life and panic in January of 2009.

There may be military action in Ukraine at the start of February 2009.

2010 Psychic Predictions by Jeffry R. Palmer

Major Flooding in Ohio in late February 2010

In May of 2010 a school shooting in Pennsylvannia

Scientists in France announce a major breakthrough in connection to cancer research. A drug may be developed which helps prevent breast cancer.

2009 Psychic Predictions by Barbara Garcia 

Like a breath of fresh air, President Elect Barrack Obama sets a new course for America that promises economic recovery in the years ahead. It won't all happen in 2009 but rest assured that by the end of the year we will begin to see results and an upward curve in the world economy.

General Motors continues to struggle through 2009 but will not fold. There will be a reconstruction of their entire corporate infrastructure. Aside from government support, business transactions with another auto maker will benefit everyone in the industry.

The fastest selling automobiles this year are those Asian models like Nissan, Toyota, and all the new energy saving vehicles. They are rapidly replacing gas guzzlers and by 2010 we will see a whole new crop of amazing machines.

Businesses in the area of natural energy such as wind, solar, geothermal energy, renewable and recycling are all productive and prosperous this year. Businesses associated with these areas will also benefit.

New environmentally friendly building materials introduced this year meet with financial skepticism but will replace old and current materials successfully in the near future.

Mortgage rates are lowered this year and the housing market begins to rebound.

The US dollar begins to gain strength in the spring and a slight drop in gold is in sight.

Terrorism continues to threaten American soil throughout the year as Al-Qaeda fuels battles to keep the US at war. An international incident regarding Saudi Arabia renews tension. However, there is more effort in maintaining the peace than in the whims of the terrorists. Russia is somehow involved with this.

Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan together post an enormous drain on American economics and military resources. President Obama reserves a team of personnel, money, and equipment to obliterate terrorist leaders and their followers. (That includes Osama bin Laden)

Those of us who lived through the fire zones of Southern California will also be inundated with landslides and a sizeable earthquake.

There will be rumors of attacks on America and assassination plans before or on January 20, 2009. These 44th historic events of the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, the Inaugural Address, Parade, Balls and galas that honors the new President of the United States is without incident and most memorable

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2009 Psychic Predictions by Michael Cohen

First natural disaster of the year:  A tsunami in Asia, or perhaps an earthquake possibly in Malaysia.

Which celebrities will die next year: Bill Cosby and Robbie Williams should look after themselves. I am sensing possible heart problems. Nicole Kidman Should also be careful next year. Eminem will suffer a serious health scare as will Woody Allen.

Who will win an Oscar for best actress: Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road.

World economy: Grim, really grim, property prices will fall further in capital cities around the world from Australia to the UK, bank debt right-offs will increase and the world economies will slow down led by the US and a huge economic slump in China. Countries like Ireland will come close to going bust, Iceland style. South Korea will suffer a massive economic slowdown that will turn into an outright depression leading to unrest. The recession will widen and we will be very far from the light at the end of the tunnel by December 2009. Europe will continue in it's downward economic slide resulting in a fair amount of social unrest.

War: The Israel-Palestine conflict will simmer on and there will be a flashpoint there around mid 2009, I predict a serious terrorist attack in the UK and other lesser terrorist attacks within continental Europe. The USA will remain in Iraq and Afghanistan with things becoming messier.

Political: Barack Obama's first problem will be his inability or unwillingness to get US troops out of Iraq and the Middle East, many who voted for him will feel dissappointed by much of his foreign policy. He will also struggle to revive a very sick US economy and be plagued by a scandal involving his wife, Michelle. China will see massive political protests at the close of 2009. Sarah Palin's political ambitions will go up in smoke by mid-2009 thanks to an embarrassing leak and subsequent admission regarding her past. Europe will start moving back to the left as a result of the financial crisis and its fallout, however this will eventually give way to a massive veer to the right back to nationalism and profound anti-EU sentiment. A massive political scandal will rock America involving a previous President.

Royals: Prince William will become engaged to Kate Middleton. Another royal will be credited with an act of bravery and yet another will be involved in an accident at sea.

UFO's: There will be interesting UFO sightings in Iran, Russia and a big one in Brazil, there will also be a significant UFO sighting from a commercial airplane involving multiple witnesses. Disclosure by governments of any knowledge of life on other planets or alien visitation to this one will be no closer by the end of 2009.

Celebrities and Showbiz: Amy Winehouse will make a big comeback and recovery sometime in late 2009, Bruce Springsteen might enter politics, Madonna will become engaged late 2009. Paris Hilton will be involved in problems with the law.

Religion: The Catholic Church will grow in strength as will Islam, both beneficiaries of the economic slowdown. The Anglican Church will continue its slide towards eventual irrelevance. Buddhism will grow, while Judaism will continue its population decline. The evangelical faiths in the US will grow. A number of purported faith-based miracles will help some of these denominations. A supposed miracle will occur in South America that will boost Catholicism.

Society: The US will continue experiencing an increase in the occurrence of dramatic multiple victim shootings, the abortion issue will increase in terms of social significance.

Technology: A major breakthrough to aid fast typing allow gadgets to get smaller, it will not involve voice recognition. The Qwerty typing system will begin it's fade into oblivion.

In a nutshell we are in for an interesting 2009. These predictions will be added to in the next few days.

2009 Psychic Predictions by Sylvia Browne

This might surprise you, but everyone went "oh" when I said Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston were going to break up. But I'm telling you now, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in real big trouble. They could very well separate towards the end of the year." -

"Clint Eastwood will have some leg problems. It almost seems like a very, very bad case of varicose veins that are going to have to be stripped. It's going to be very painful for him." -

"Paris Hilton will land in jail over an accident. That isn't, I don't think, a big surprise to anybody." -

"Britney Spears will become ill and not be able to perform for 4 months. And that's toward the mid-part of the year." -

"Katie Couric is replaced from her position on the CBS nightly news. I don't know who it'll be, but it'll be someone who has been on one of the Good Morning America shows or something like that [to replace Couric]." -

"Nicole Richie will separate from Joel Madden." -

"The Olson Twins will be picked up and questioned regarding drugs."


Report Prepared : November 2006

The date of December 27th 2007 will prove to be a very important one.
I feel that an event of global proportions will occur on this date. At first I felt that this event will be related to military actions, but I now believe that this date concerns a terrorist attack, possibly in Europe.

A very strong earthquake centered near Los Angeles on March 13th 2007 causes damage to buildings and roads and bridges and some injuries.

An outbreak of a rare virus near or in the city of Boston in May 2007. Many people are hospitalized and quarantined.

An overall increase in violent crimes by 15% 2007-2008 USA

A prison riot in California 35 prisoners killed, 5 guards killed several others injured - August 2007

The price of gold will reach $780 - $800 per ounce by the end of 2007. Other metals such as copper and silver will also see a rapid increase in value in 2007.

There is a strong possibility of the reinstatement of the military draft system in the USA by the middle of November, 2007.

In June of 2007 a serial killer will be discovered in Canada who is responsible for the deaths of several young people from Toronto to Montreal. This killer may be a long distance truck driver or delivery person and may also be responsible fro the deaths of children in Ohio, New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania.

Another strong Earthquake in the ocean off the coast of Japan in April of 2007., may cause a tsunami.

Several globally exported food crops will see a dramatic increase in price after difficult growing season in both India and Brazil in 2007-2008. Included in this dramatic price increase are coffee, tea, saffron, cashews and cocoa.

In December of 2007 information will be released regarding a long standing cover-up by the US government.


Report Prepared : June 2006

North Korea will test a long range missle in July of 2006 against the protests of the international community. This act will prompt naval actions in the Pacific which includes the destruction of North Korean missle launch sites.


Report Prepared : October 2005

Bird Flu - New strain of infection discovered, similar to H5N1 appears more likely to cause human to human infections. Massive bird kills in South East Asia in attempt to contain virus March 2006. New Virus discovered in Toronto birds, middle of 2006.

US military actions continue in the Middle East and expand into Syria. US Military presence in Syria by end of 2006.

Discovery of Earth Like planets. Several planets similar in size to Earth found orbiting distant stars. The discovery of new planets reaches the hundreds if not thousands by the end of 2006

Expansion of military actions In Syria - July 2006

Scientists will discover that commonly used products contain cancer causing elements. Mouth Wash, Tooth Paste, Perfumes, and some Shampoos, for instance will be found to contain carcinogens or in some way combine with other elements to create cancer causing agents. Late 2006

Whistle blower within pharmaceutical industry exposes industry wide practice of marketing drugs which are known to be dangerous and ineffective, a particular drug is spotlighted as being extremely toxic.

Report Prepared : August 2005

The price of oil will reach $70 US per barrel by December 2005

Gasoline will cost $3.00 per gallon in the United States on average.

Extremely cold winter Eastern States record low temperatures - sustained cold spell 2005-2006

An extremely cold winter 2005-2006 will cause fuel and energy prices to rise within the United States into 2006

The price of gold will reach $500 US per ounce by the end of 2005 and almost $700 by the end of 2006

Hurricane causes damage to Florida coast in September. Not as serious for Florida as storms in 2004 - causes much damage elsewhere.

Devastating Weather - August 28, September 14th and September 26th Hurricanes and Tornados Southern US States and Asia Pacific

Tony Blair hospitalized for health concerns -First part of December

Angola Africa - Marburg virus more threatening than previously thought

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