Psychic News

Skeptic Faces-Off with Homicide Detectives Over Psychic Detective Case
The popularity of psychics, and in particular psychic detectives, has soared in recent years.

Psychic Experiment to Be Conducted Using Twitter
Twitter users will attempt to prove whether psychic powers really exist when they take part in an experiment this week.

Psychic's tip spurs search for missing Hamtramck Girl
The search for 3-year-old Tangena Hussain, last seen by her mother's boyfriend in early October at a Detroit gas station, received renewed attention with an unusual tip from a California psychic

Psychic makes claim to reward money in Cantu case
A Southern California woman is in a dispute with Tracy police over whether her psychic predictions helped them solve the Sandra Cantu murder case. She thinks she's entitled to at least a portion of the reward money, totaling more than $30,000, but Tracy police say they never used any information provided by any psychics during the investigation.

London Professionals Flock to Psychics
Conceived in the heady heyday of the Belle Epoque, London department store Selfridges has yet to reinvent itself for the age of austerity. But there's one commodity on sale between the crystal decanters and bone china that perfectly reflects the preoccupations of the times. For just $70, a concession called Psychic Sisters retails peace of mind by the half-hour

Psychic predicts near-fatal accident for Kevin Rudd
She told The Courier-Mail that Prime Minister may have to bow out of political life because of "near-fatal injuries caused by some sort of transport incident".

Mom of missing Ontario girl turns to psychics
The mother of the Woodstock, Ont., eight-year-old girl who went missing while walking home three weeks ago holds steadfast in her belief her daughter will be found safe. Tara McDonald said Wednesday she has a "million theories" but no answers as to why her daughter Tori Stafford was presumably abducted, and has turned to psychics as a "last straw."

Famous Psychic Says Swine Flu Will Not Be the Black Plague
Psychic Intuitive to the stars Peggy Rometo does not foresee the swine flu becoming a deadly epidemic; predicts a U.S. death toll of less than ten, school closings, flight cancellations and more.

Police chief welcomes psychic's help
Point Township Police Chief Joshua Van Kirk said officers have exhausted all leads in the investigation of the Dec. 31 crash that killed Travis M. Lecatsas and welcome new information, even tips provided by a psychic.

Blown-away Chihuahua reunited with owners, psychic helps in search
The 5-pound Chihuahua that blew away Saturday in heavy winds at the Dixieland Antique Flea Market in Waterford was discovered tired, hungry and caked with mud in the hilly wooded area across the street on Monday. A pet psychic "thought we were looking in the wrong place," Dorothy Utley, Tinker Bell's owner, said Monday. "She said, 'I'd like you to go over and look under things and up high and on hills.' She said she was going to be up high."

Psychic searching for missing boy
COLLIER COUNTY: The search for a missing Immokalee boy gets help from an unlikely source - a person who claims to use psychic powers to find missing people. Gale St. John says shes helped track down dozens of people over her 30 year career. Now, she will use her mind to try solving this mystery. "Im not here for the media. Im not here to create a circus. Im here to find Adji," she said







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