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If you are considering a job or career as a psychic I have a few words of advice.

I have been providing psychic readings online for over five years. In that time I have come to appreciate the nature of the psychic reading industry and have learned several facts which I intend to now share. It is my hope that a clear exposition on the online psychic reading industry will help consumers make informed decisions as well as assist anyone interested in venturing into this field.

The online psychic reading business is a multi million dollar a year business. This is a highly competitive market place with new competitors coming online every day. A Google search today for the term "psychic" returns 19,000,000 results. With so much money at stake online psychic readers are constantly striving to out-do each other by introducing new services and offering incentives.

Several years ago I began offering an unconditional guarantee with my readings. After researching hundreds of online psychic reading providers I found that only a handful offered any type of guarantee with their services. I found that offering my clients a no risk proposition resulted in a noticeable increase in sales. I felt confident in my ability to provide a superior product and only five clients among thousands asked for a refund over a five year period

. There were a few times when sickness, travel or commitments kept me away from the computer and I was unable to fulfill reading orders within my usual turn around time of 24 hours. Most clients were accepting of this but a few expressed concerns about the time it took to provide the reading. This is something important for anyone who may be considering the online psychic reading business. Ordering a service or product across the internet involves an act of faith.

Because there is no physical store involved in making a purchase the customer feels much more anxiety about making a purchase than they might with a bricks and mortar shop. Any delay in fulfilling an order can cause some buyers a rather good deal of angst. It's critical not to offer clients more than you deliver. Make sure that your clients are well aware of your turn around times and have a contingency plan in place in case of sickness or vacations. I have found that more than 80% of my clients became repeat customers. I have no idea what percentage of repeat customers other online psychic readers may have. I know that I was both initially surprised and elated to enjoy such a high rate of repeat business. I have learned that it is incredibly important to develop a relationship with my clients.

One of the ways I have accomplished this is by offering my clients a free newsletter. This newsletter developed into a sort of "clients only" feature in which I shared news and information that was not available anywhere else. I found that this practice really helped to establish an ongoing relationship with my customers. I also began offering clients free access to my e-books. Incentives and practices such as this can help any aspiring online psychic to enjoy greater success. It took more than year for my first psychic website to receive the amount of traffic needed to result in a steady income. I created and marketed the site on my own and it was a slow and painstaking process. In my first year of business I spent more time marketing the website than I did actually providing readings.

Anyone first starting out will most likely find the same to be true. There were times when I became frustrated and almost gave up on the whole project. Eventually my website grew in popularity to the point that I was provided with a steady income. The lesson here of course is to not give up, keep at it even when it seems like a lost cause.

The internet is a strange environment; a website can sit for months without visitors and suddenly enjoy a surge in traffic. So many variables are involved in a site's popularity that sometimes the best you can do is simply keep plugging away at it until it clicks. Here is a summary of what I have learned in the last several years in the online psychic business. Try offering services and incentives that help you to stand out from the crowd. Offer your clients a guarantee that will help to alleviate fears of making an online purchase.

Make sure that you provide readings in a timely fashion. Don't keep your clients out in the dark regarding when they will receive their readings. If there will be a delay let your clients know about it. Make every attempt possible to develop a rapport with your clients, offer them a way of maintaining contact with you. Remember word of mouth is still the best and most powerful form of advertising. And most importantly be patient and don't give up.


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