Intuitive Advisor Or Psychic Reader - What's the Difference?

What is the difference between an intuitive advisor and a psychic? Largely the difference is in the name. An intuitive advisor is someone who markets their psychic ability to the professional world. Presidents, the heads of the world's largest companies and other upper echelon personalities have all utilized the services of intuitive advisors. While psychic readers usually charge their clients a fee per reading, intuitive advisors are often on call to their clients in exchange for a monthly fee.

Another distinction between an intuitive advisor and the garden variety psychic is that tools such as tarot cards, rune stones and others favored by psychics are often not found among the resources of the intuitive advisor. While this is certainly not always the case there seems to be a trend among psychics to drop the usual trappings of the trade in exchange for a more professional image.

Some psychics try the all things to everyone approach and promote themselves as intuitive advisor, psychic, life coach, tarot reader, energy healers. Even though the terms are often interchangeable it seems less confusing to me to be either a psychic or an intuitive advisor. I personally prefer the term intuitive advisor for its modern flavor. The term "psychic" conjures up images of carnival booths, psychic fairs, middle aged women in hippy dresses and parlor tricks. Even though I know for a fact that most psychics do not fit these descriptions the word seems associated with such things.

Intuitive advisors and psychic both utilize intuitive abilities in order to offer clients insights into difficult questions. Both help to validate their customers own instincts. While psychics tend to offer their services to the widest possible audience, intuitive advisors target business and corporate professionals.

© 2009 - Jeffry R. Palmer

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