Inside the Mind of a Psychic - What Happens When You Are Wrong?

Every year I publish a list of psychic predictions and post them online. I believe that the success rate of these predictions is around 80%. To me this is a rather successful percentage of correct predictions. Skeptics however tend to focus on the predictions that miss the mark and downplay the successes. I'm not surprised by this behavior; such skeptics have chosen to narrow their perspectives and seem to find fulfillment in criticizing anything they don't personally believe in. It's not my responsibility to alter the opinions of skeptics and I usually find little reason for responding to them.

So what happens when I am wrong? Am I embarrassed or do I become less confident in my abilities? The short answer to these questions is no. As I have stated the success rate of my predictions is around 80% and I am pleased with that number. In fact I would be pleased even if the number were much lower. Even skeptics would agree that any number above 50% would be statistically significant. Imagine a stock trader with an 80% success rate.

Some people confuse psychics with prophets. Psychics do not claim to be 100% right all the time. Psychics point out possibilities of future events formed from on the basis of intuitive insights. This is far removed from claiming to know exactly what will happen in the future.

On those occasions that I am wrong about a long range global prediction I do not worry much. I am more concerned with the accuracy of the intuitive information that I provide to my clients. I enjoy an extremely high rate of return business from my customers and this speaks to the accuracy of the information provided to them.

© 2009 - Jeffry R. Palmer

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