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The best free psychic advice that I can give my clients is to trust their own intuition.Thi covers all areas of life from career to relationships and yet it is something that many people find difficult.

Over the last several years I have conducted thousands of readings for people from every part of the world, from all walks of life. Today psychic readings are more popular than ever, in fact it seems that when the economy takes a down turn psychic readings become more sought after. But why would someone ask for a psychic advice in the first place? What kind of information is provided in a reading that cannot be found with other methods?

In my experience the majority of people asking for a psychic reading have some intuitive ability of their own which they have not learned to trust or develop. In many cases these clients have intuitive feelings about a subject already and they seek validation of their own instinctual feelings. Let's take for example a person looking for work who has just interviewed for a new position. They might ask if they will be offered the job or not. This person will already have their own intuitive sense regarding the question and they turn to a psychic for validation of their own intuitive abilities.

This need or desire for intuitive validation is the main reason that people seek psychic advice. And it applies to almost all of the questions asked in a psychic reading, from questions about relationships and health to jobs and finances. Many people might believe that a psychic is simply telling a client what he or she wants to hear. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact I tell my clients up-front that my answers may not be what they wish to hear. I should point out that in every psychic reading I have ever conducted that was considered by the client to be "spot on" my own intuitive senses and those of the client have been found to match.

About 80 percent of my clients contact me within a month of receiving their readings and tell me how accurate the readings were and this is regardless of whether the answers were positive or negative ones. The validation of intuition is the main reason for people to seek psychic advice, there are others such as seeking a missing person or locating lost objects. For the most part however intuitive validation is the primary motivator. The question remains as to why many people seek this validation. In my opinion it is because they do not trust their own psychic abilities. They have been trained not to trust their instincts. They have been raised in an environment where psychic abilities are scoffed at and ridiculed. In addition to this intuitive abilities seem to have decreased in many people in a society where our survival does not usually rely on them.

When we are young children our psychic abilities are at their strongest, in recent articles I have explained how this ties in with primal instinct and survival. As children we do not question the fact that psychic abilities exist and we do not possess the vocabulary to properly describe these abilities. We take them at face value and are surprised when our parents express concern over them.

When a child exhibits psychic abilities and behaviors the usual reaction from parents is negative or at least one of passivity. Typically the parent insists that such abilities do not exist and instructs the child to behave and believe differently than it is naturally inclined to. In some cases the parent takes an attitude of indifference and ignores the intuitive ability of the child altogether. In some extreme cases the parent seeks psychiatric help for the child and the child may even be medicated or institutionalized.

Society in general is reluctant to accept psychic ability as a natural function of the human mind. Religious, cultural, and contemporary philosophical biases combine to create an environment which views psychic ability as an aberration. It is no wonder that many people are reluctant to discuss their own intuitive abilities let alone examine them in detail or learn to develop them to their fullest potential.

Confronted with an environment which is negatively biased against the acceptance of psychic abilities most children learn to suppress their own instinctual skills. They learn to adapt the attitudes of the status quo. And in so doing perpetuate the well established societal tendency to view psychic abilities as fantasy or abnormal no matter how misinformed the view may be. Psychic ability is real and it is a natural human ability. It is not magical or even mysterious. It is an ability that developed early in human history and helped to ensure the survival of the species.

Faced with a society that for the most part is biased against the existence of psychic abilities (regardless of its prevalence in popular culture) how is it possible to learn to accept and even nurture our own intuitive senses? Fifty years ago cigarette smoking was a socially acceptable behavior. Smoking was allowed on planes, in restaurants and little thought was given to the health effects of smoking on children within the home. It was only within the last twenty years that public opinion and laws regarding the habit of smoking began to change. This came about through the education of the public at large which caused a gradual change in the general attitude towards public smoking. A similar level of public education would be required to change conceptions regarding psychic abilities.

I find it difficult to imagine billions of dollars ever being spent in defense of psychic development. I have no doubt that through venues like this one and others that the attitudes towards psychic abilities will change, it may be a very slow process but in time the public at large will view intuitive abilities as a natural phenomenon.

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