Clairaudience is the ability to hear things not audible within normal hearing ranges. This is an example of extra-sensory perception (ESP). It includes the audible perceptions of ghosts, spirits and those who are in the astral realm. The definition is debatable at length, although the main point being that clairaudience is essentially the ability of hearing the paranormal as opposed to seeing it

In its largest sense Clairaudience means simply "clear-hearing." True clairaudience is a spiritual faculty, the faculty of the inner spiritual ear, of which the psychical clairaudience is but a distorted and therefore deceptive reflection; neither is it hearing with the physical ear, so imperfect and undeveloped a sensory organ as the latter is. The power to hear with the inner ear enables you to hear anything you will, and at whatever distance, whether on Mars, or on the Sun, or on the Moon, or on Jupiter, or perhaps even on some distant star, or easily anywhere on Earth.

Clairaudience involves hearing voices or sounds which are messages being communicated psychically - usually this ability goes with clairvoyance, the art of receiving psychic information visually. Clairaudience means literally clear hearing (clair is French for clear). People often see visions and hear voices simultaneously.

Some people hear voices quite distinctly. This can be alarming as in our culture hearing voices is generally believed to be a bad thing, indicative of mental illness. However, unless the voices are urging destructive or negative behaviour, then they may be instances of ESP. Mediums exercise this skill when they hear messages from spirits.

Some people have clairaudient experiences in the form of voices of someone they have known, or a voice they don't recognise, others don't recognise their psychic ability initially as the messages just sound like them thinking to themselves. It is believed that area of the brain just above the ears is processing the information for clairaudient experiences. This is where sounds perceived through the ears are interpreted as well as ESP information.

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