Bilocation is the existence or the ability to exist simultaneously in two places.
The appearance of a person in two distant places at once. The double may appear in solid or ghostly form, and usually acts strangely or mechanically and does not respond when spoken to. It can also be an object existing in two places at the same time. Bilocation is said to have been practiced by many mystics, monks and other holy figures through the ages, including famous Christian saints.

Several Indian gurus have been reported at several locations at the same time in waking state, or seen sleeping somewhere while awake and active at another location. Some texts also depict a phenomenon where more than one copy of the subject could be seen.

A pioneer psychical researcher, Frederic W. H. Myers, one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research in England, along with others collected and studied reports of bilocation, however the phenomenon has received little interest in modern times

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