Astral Body

The astral body refers to the concept of a subtle body which exists alongside the physical body, as a vehicle of the soul or consciousness. It is usually understood as being of an emotional nature and, as such, it is equated to the desire body or emotional body. However, some philosophies conceive that the astral body is a body made of ether (the soul body), build by each individual during the current evolutionary stage

New Age thought incorporates the concept of subtle bodies and planes of existence. While there is no consensus position, the general idea is that the Astral body corresponds to the astral plane which is sometimes also (ref?) called the 5th dimension. The astral body is also widely understood here as the subtle body in which astral projection occurs This is one of several types of out of body experiences, or OBEs. The term "light body" is sometimes used in this context

The Astral Bodyis a sort of psychic or spirit body, which is the body one exists in during the Out of Body Experience (OBE) or Astral travelling. This body can thus separate from the lower bodies and journey to other worlds and realms, taking the consciousness with it. After death and separation from the physical body it is believed that the personality continues to exist for a time in the astral body

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