What In The World Is Clairvoyance

By Jabo

In this world there are many things which have no scientific proof. They seem mysterious but true. This leads us to believe that there is somebody or some power that has the ability to create and gift us with some special abilities. This special ability is the sixth sense which every human being is born with but from childhood we are made to believe in the things that we see around us. We develop the idea that whatever we can perceive through the five sensory organs is the truth.

This attitude gradually suppresses the ability to perceive about something that is not visible or cannot be felt by touch or smell or taste. Few people are able to develop their sixth sense and can see beyond their present existence. What is clairvoyance? Clairvoyance is a French derivation. Clair means that which is clear and voyance means to see or visibility. On the whole the word means clear visibility. What is this clear visibility? It is not something related to seeing an object clearly that is present in front of us. It means to see clearly those things that are not present in front of us but to visualize beyond the normal limits of human vision and see what is not visible to common people. These people develop the ability to see in the future and predict about future happenings.

This ability to perceive about what is beyond the normal is accepted by some as a special gift by God whereas some believe that it is just coincidence that whatever has been perceived turned out to be a reality. It is a debate which has no end as there is no scientific formula that can prove its authenticity. In the present century people are developing some faith in the existence of this kind of ability as there have been many incidences which have made them believe that clairvoyance is possible. How is clairvoyance helpful? Clairvoyance or psychic ability is a great power and can prove to be useful as the future can be predicted and many disasters can be avoided by knowing about it and taking precautionary measures to ward off the consequences of the disaster.

The best example of clairvoyance is the predictions made by Nosterdamus. He had predicted the future citing the place, date and time of the event which was not given any importance at that time but as the wheels of time is moving forward many of his predictions are turning out to be true and forcing people to believe that there is existence of clairvoyance through which the future can be predicted.

A person who has the ability of clairvoyance act as channeler for the sitters to interact with the dead and become a medium of communication between the spirits of the other world and their near and dear ones on earth which brings relief to the people who have lost their loved ones. So clairvoyance is a very helpful ability.

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