Things a Psychic Won't Tell You

By Sheldon Carlough

1) How your soul is placed in jeopardy and your divine plan undermined by readings.

2) How you are used by psychics for the benefit of their own ego gratification and showmanship.

3) How psychic's unhappiness, hatred, and anger towards God and humanity are expressed in dire predictions.

4) How psychics & mediums are an instrument of the culture of death.

5) Only you with your higher mental body can know your divine plan.

6) How psychics steal your energy to use against others.

7) How you unwittingly set back the progress of society by giving your energy to psychics, mediums, and the astral realm.

Today probably more than ever, people are turning to psychics and mediums to guide them through times that are filled with fear, doubt, and a sense of hopelessness. People are seeking a glimmer, a morsel of good news, hoping that they will be told something positive. Today people need hope and trust but they don't know where to turn to. It's been decades since we've had leaders we could count on and trust. Betrayal from the government, financial gurus, and corporations are the norm. With all of that, people are losing their faith in God with feelings of injustice prevailing as they wonder what will happen to them next. Fear is a terrible thing!

Unfortunately most people don't realize what they are bargaining for as they enlist the assistance of psychics, mediums, and the astral world.

Your soul is placed in jeopardy because when you visit a psychic you are relinquishing your own will to that of another. How can another person know for certain what God's plan is for you? Your soul then becomes vulnerable to suggestions by the psychic that may never be a part of your holy work.

Psychics love to be looked upon as all powerful and knowing as though they have something over everyone else. Many are part of the ever increasing entertainment industry as people love to be dazzled by supernatural phenomenon as though they were at a magic show. This certainly strokes their ego and makes them feel important.

You have no idea what you are walking into when you sit with a psychic for a reading. That person could be having a terrible day and God forbid tied into some very negative astral energies. Some have a hatred and anger towards God for any number of reasons. Therefore they enjoy as revenge against God predicting calamities, doom, gloom, and dire future. Not only is this sensationalism which promotes their business but it also creates a state of fear around the globe.

Many psychics and mediums who contact spirits that have passed over are dealing in a culture of death not life. Just because someone has passed over does not mean that they have suddenly acquired some great knowledge or illumination. If they had they would be in higher octaves of light seeking to bless life with the heavenly hosts and not dwelling in the darkness of the astral plane. It's pure pollution. Besides, are there not terrible people who have died who were an abomination as human beings on the other side. Would you want to be receiving advice and counsel from these evil spirits, some who are soulless for their defiance towards God?

Your desire to know things about yourself especially about what your divine plan can't come from some psychic or medium. This knowledge comes from having an attunement to your own higher self. Something that with a little work is easily accessible so that your life can be progressive and enriched according to God's plan for you!

You may find some psychics that give good practical advice but so can anyone. You do not need to pay for it as though you aren't worthy enough to be blessed with good associations. The danger lies in coming in contact with someone who could be negative, jealous of your spiritual light, or someone who is seeking that revenge against God by giving bad advice or the wrong advice. It would be like asking someone for directions and they purposely give you the wrong ones.

When you visit a psychic or participate in seances with mediums you are anteing up with your own spiritual energy whether you like it or not. These people use your energy to turn over to the dead so they can operate. They have to get it somewhere. So while you think your being entertained you have just been pick pocketed by these spirits which often times leaves you feeling washed out and a sense of dissatisfaction. When you visit psychics/mediums you give them your attention most times in a heightened state as you await with abated breath what might happen, only to have your energy taken from you. Whatever you place your attention on is where your energy goes. You wouldn't expect a fund manager to place your funds into an risky or illegal investment. Do you know what that psychic/medium is doing with your energy?

When you turn your energy over to others and especially the dead, it is a setback for society. God only allots so much energy per day for each of us. How you use it depends on the future of this planet. When a people constantly feel depressed, hopeless, with doom and gloom, it drags the energy of the planet down creating almost a self fulfilling prophecy of dire predictions. Instead you should all be rising everyday with the energy of hope, optimism, and good will. This is not some Pollyanna consciousness but a proactive way of creating the life that is possible in this world with the potential of turning things around. The messes we have today are man made. God gave us free will to do what we will. How about creating a world where there is no hatred, anger, war, sickness, and hopelessness. It starts with you visualizing that there can be a society that is and will be better than the one we have today.





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