Psychic Clairvoyants in History - Past Present and the Future

By Tolga Savas

The psychic arts date well before our recorded history. There are findings as to suggest cave dwellers attempting to use geomancy (geomancy means to use earth "soil" to get insights, as soil is believed to possess a part of earth spirit) to reveal answers, to foretell the future and even settle disputes, solve disagreements also to explain the complex world which they saw around them. As geomancy is a form of divination for psychics to use as a tool.

Therefore we can perhaps conclude that there was psychic clairvoyant knowledge in ancient worlds, as myths and legends all point to a world that is mythological and spiritual, entities being alive and flourishing. Also when we study the time of Mesopotamian civilizations (which has left more clues of life around 5000BC) we come to see clearly that, spirituality had actually played a major role in the daily lives of humans, also there were mystical beliefs suggesting that there were spirits within spiritual dimensions.

Many of us will know of those Egyptian priests who had the gift of second sight "psychic" and they were seen as psychic medium channelers; the journey makers between spiritual realms and our physical world. Evidence can also be seen in the cave paintings found in most continents. Yet all these findings are up to your imaginations and all are open to debate for its authenticity.

We as humans really have many different theories as to past history, because we cannot actually go back in time and see it being lived first hand. Also most humans do not like their theories being challenged. That's part of human intellect that is how we reason, by testing different theories and using reason and logic, thus we come to make sense of the existence of broad universe at large. Psychic phenomenon existed in history there is no doubt as far as evidence is concerned be it written on clay tablets found or on cave paintings where human beings conducted shamanistic rituals.

The word psychic is somewhat a new word, and there are many different words that describe a spiritual psychic who has second sight abilities. These can be psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudience, telepathy, precognition dreams realm travelers who can actually command their soul to visit the realms of different existence aura readers and there are many others who would fit in to this category.

Just like history presenting evidence of these spiritually able to connect to spiritual dimensions, perhaps one time will come and our future generations will look back to these times as being history, and perhaps they will call today's psychics with a different label. And as we can see much is speculated within history, but what is true is that, our modern times have produced those with extra sensory perception (psychic abilities) and they can be seen almost in all cultures and even in most remote parts of the globe; holding on to the wisdom they have either been given and or developed.

Psychics of history are long gone yet their spiritual wisdom is pasted down and is around us all, psychics of today will also become history in the future, yet their spiritual wisdom will live on till eternity.

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