Perspective on Psychics and Mediums

By Terrie Crowley


Millions of people seek the counsel of psychics,mediums and readers looking for the answers to the questions of their lives.

God knows, I went to quite a few myself. From the local fairs, to the 1-900-psychic hotlines, to the "guru" that a friend would tell me, "wow you have to go see this person!" So over the years I would go to find out what was going to happen in my life. Would I get that job? Will I have that relationship? How do I get rich? Is he cheating on me? What does God want from me? What is my purpose in life? Why am I not getting what i want?

Often times, I would get some general answers like, "well you are going to travel in the next year"," you will be in this for a while but your life will change"," your grandmother says hello", or worse, "you are going to have a rough time" ,"you are paying for something you did in a past life" "you will have financial hardship" "he is going to leave you" - "you need to come back and for X amount of money, I can help you" - and I would walk away upset, unsettled and confused.

On two occasions, I saw two different psychics that said, "why are you here?" You can do this yourself. You don't need me. you need to go within. I was really confused.

I started to realize after alot of money and frustration - that I was going to see complete strangers for answers and direction on my life and furthermore, believing what they told me as fact! I was giving my power away and by focusing on what the psychic said, I was inviting the experiences into my life. Even worse, I realized there were people out there that were using fear as a tool to manipulate me to returning to them.

Sue Waller and others, began to show me that, the answers are within. The Hay House authors and others taught me about about getting quiet, meditation, manifestation, connecting with my Angels, and guides. I began to listen as this felt right. I began to realize that a real authentic intuitive (psychic/medium) would not give me answers or forecasts, they would support the energy of who I am and tell me that the answers are within me. They refused to "interfere" by implanting any ideas or notions of what the future may hold. That is not to say, they did not see things in my future, however, they would say, "sacred law means, sometimes knowing is not to be shared"

It is hilarious, as I would put all the teachers on a pedestal and give them all the power, i would make them "gurus!". They would graciously return it back to me.

I met Joseph DeNucci, his energy just blew me away. This man is 'tuned in"! I of course, would cave in his presence. He just looked at me and say "Hey, I am nothing you are not" He invited me to knock it off.

That gave me huge pause: I thought what is he saying? The light went on! AHA!

I began to recognized those folks who understood that it is essential to help others by educating them about their own gifts and abilities. I learned that through meditation, if I get quiet enough, I will have the knowing or the answer I am seeking. They began to validate my feelings and support my journey. There was no manipulation or fear. It was simply very loving. I learned that it is our destiny to learn to live with the "known and the unknown", that we are not supposed to have all the answers to the questions in our lives.

As I meditated, and took more classes, my own intuition blossomed. I had to get quiet enough, and the Angels came through. I began to see, feel and smell floral scents when the Angels were present. My wonderful teachers cheered me on the whole way.

I see others today, that had no idea they too could connect to source, their guides and Angels having wonderful experiences. It is so exciting. We are all capable. We are all one with Source.

It occurred to me that so many have gotten so far away from their own connectedness, their own authenticity, their own wonder child that knows it is "one with", that they seek help.

So, it is my goal, to be able to help others, take their own power back, and find their answers within, through coaching them and passing along that which has been given to me. I know from experience, that teaching others to champion themselves is truly the highest calling. I work with my Angels and the Angels, Guides of a person that I may coach, and help them learn about what is now, and how they can begin to go within and get quiet enough to co-create their own lives and embrace and love what is!

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