Performing Psychic Exercises

By Keith Ward


It would be very interesting to reach a certain level of awareness that can bring one to a limitless access to a cosmic world of the unknown. The mind has the power to open up this world in what is called the psychic ability; some people believe the psychic ability to be a special gift. There are individuals who seem to have been born being able to read minds; talk to spirits of people who have passed away; see what is happening at present or tell what is going to happen in the near future. The so-called psychics make use of different tools that become the gateway to the answers that their clients seek to find. Psychics typically have with them their tarot cards, crystal balls, or just plain intuition. In this regard, the boundaries of space and time are no longer a hindrance.

On the other hand, most people believe that psychic ability is a skill that can be enhanced through determination, focus and constant practice. To practice the capacity of the mind to bring into consciousness any knowledge that is so desired entails some psychic exercises that can be explored.

Psychic exercises are exercises of the mind that requires an amount of stillness to facilitate concentration. Consequently, the first step is to sit in a quiet place where there are no distractions. Much like meditation, you can start to clear your mind of anything that might cloud your thoughts. This means you have to put aside any personal issue that may be bothering you at the moment, otherwise new information coming in will find it difficult to permeate. Next, try to be conscious of your breathing and the way air goes in and out of your body and do this until a certain level of calmness is reached.

Once this is done, you can put your psychic ability to the test by visualising something you want to acquire awareness of. For instance, try to imagine a close friend and a hobby that they are currently caught up with. After many trials, you will be able to see pictures on your mind that you can verify in reality. You can ask your friend what hobby is keeping them interested and busy at this time and continue to do this psychic exercise until you become good at it.

Another psychic exercise that you can try is called the perimeter game, this exercise will still require your concentration but it can be done in a public place. What you do is to imagine that you are surrounded by an energy perimeter that is about 10 inches to 20 inches away from you; you may close your eyes to keep yourself from getting distracted. Once you feel that there is somebody who has entered the set perimeter, open your eyes and check whether your intuition is correct. This is a fun way to exercise your mind power and as you become better at it, you will discover psychic exercises you can make on your own. By then, you will find yourself coming across different types of information you never thought possible to acquire.

Like any information though, due care and discernment is required so that you will not get overwhelmed with your discoveries. In the end, psychic exercises are meant to enhance your life and the lives of people you intend to help with your newfound psychic ability.

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