How to Get a Good Psychic Reading

By Matthew Engel

While mingling lawyers often give out legal advice and doctors often provide medical advice to friends and loved ones at dinner parties, as a Professional Psychic-Channel, the kinds of questions I receive are of a very different nature than those asked of more mainstream professionals. For centuries people seeking consult from Psychics, "Intuitives," Astrologers, and other "Seers" have included politicians, royalty, military personnel, tribal groups in many cultures, people of varying economic status, individuals who are highly educated and those who've learned from the school of life. However, there is a lot of ambiguity about the psychic or intuitive process, how to know if an "advisor" is legitimate, and how to make use of a consultation.

And similar to all other professions, there are some individuals out there who prey upon the sensitivities of clients seeking insight by providing false services. These unscrupulous individuals give Psychic Readers who are truly gifted and desiring to help others a bad rep. My hope is to shed light on these ambiguities and misconceptions by providing answers to some of the most common questions that I receive so that clients can maximize their use of psychic consultations and find a practitioner who can support their evolutionary process. As an umbrella term, I'll refer to the practitioner as a "reader" to simplify.

Q: How can I tell if someone is really psychic?

A: A good psychic should be able to reflect aspects of your authentic self - your deeper wishes, aspirations, talents, wounds, emotional blocks, and other interpersonal and internal influences in your life. The reader should speak your truth. The more deeply and intimately you know yourself, the better you will be able to assess whether the practitioner is truly reading your energy and how deeply.

Q: But what if the reader is making predictions?

A: If the reader is making predictions, you may have to wait it out. However, the best readers in my experience focus more on insight and empowering the client than on predictions per se. Although certain life circumstances are scripted/karmic (e.g. who are parents are, certain relationships, events, and situations that we are drawn to, etc.) we do have free will! There are a wide variety of individual choices can influence how, when, or if an event happens. For example, if a reader tells you that s/he senses a new job coming your way and you then sit at home simply waiting for that employer to show up at your front door, it may not happen. In order to manifest that job opportunity there may be inner work to do first that focuses - for example - on reestablishing your self worth, clearing old beliefs, fine-tuning what you want, making a clear choice to seek out a new job, and any other relevant visualization or manifestation activities - along with networking and other practical considerations. My goal is always to empower my clients to create the shifts that they desire rather than just telling them what might happen or could happen. I believe that prompting this inner work in order to help the client make use of opportunities that the universe presents is far more useful.

Q: Should I take advice from a psychic if it doesn't sound right or feel right?

A: No. You should always use your own best judgment and consult with experts on the topic about which you are inquiring, thus making an educated decision that feels right on your own gut level.

Q: If psychics are for real, why don't they win the lottery and how come they sometimes have bad things happen to them like illness or accidents?

A: Being psychic does not mean that we are tuned into all world events at every moment of every day. If we were, we probably would not be able to function in the world! Psychics are human beings who are growing and evolving just like everyone else. Sometimes, situations happen that may be unpleasant but serve as opportunities for personal growth. In other words, we are not meant to know everything! As far as winning the lottery, it just doesn't work that way for most of us.

Q: (Case Example) Jim Jones went to a psychic because he was trying to decide whether or not to accept a job offer that would require moving out of state. The psychic had a positive feeling about the offer and said it would likely lead to greater expansion. The client accepted the job, relocated, and six months later was laid off from his job. Why didn't this major detail come up in the reading?

A: Sometimes the reasons why we think we are making a decision are not the real reasons why we need to end up in a particular situation. In this case, the client ended up deciding to remain in his new city after getting laid off because doing so provided opportunity for growth and expansion that was not available to him in his hometown. Ultimately, he realized that had he known he was going to get laid off, fear would have prevented him from making the move - even if the psychic said it would work out. Sometimes psychics channel guidance that provides the client with what they are ready to hear in a way that can support the client's growth.

Q: How shall I decide whether to go to a psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, or other type of "seer?"

A: Although these practitioners use different tools to help them tune in, the best tarot readers and astrologers in my experience also rely heavily on their intuitive gifts - not just the mundane interpretations of cards or astrological charts as that alone would be highly impersonal. Ultimately, we all have one higher truth. Thus, if a client were to obtain readings from several good practitioners - each with a different specialization or tool - at the same juncture in his/her life, there would likely be many overlaps between the readings. I have seen this theme play out many times when a client sought out my consult and that of a gifted colleague regarding the same issue. Some people prefer to seek out a reader who uses a modality that interests them and that's perfectly fine.

Q: Does everyone have psychic abilities? And can psychic abilities be developed?

A: I believe we all have the capacity for psychic abilities and there is a wealth of research to support this hypothesis. However, as with any skill some people are more innately psychic or intuitive than others. I have had great success teaching dozens of people how to develop their psychic skills to assist them with the following: Making choices that feel more guided and grounded, understanding people around them more clearly, interacting with others more effectively, protecting themselves from getting "zapped" by other people's energy or negativity, achieving a greater understanding of their true purpose in this world, connecting with other people who are open and desiring to build this skill set, and deepening their connection with a spiritual "Source" energy much greater than themselves.

Q: With all of that said, how can I best make use of a reading?

A: Shop around, ask people you know, review the websites and literature of psychics that you hear about, and go with your gut. You may need to schedule a professional reading in advance. If you are committed to gaining clarity, your issues will still be there at the time of your appointment. Have questions in mind. Be clear about what you are looking for. And don't be afraid to redirect the psychic if you need greater focus on a specific area. The clearer you are about what you need, the more you are likely to get from a reading. And lastly, keep in mind that psychics are not magicians and a psychic reading is not intended to replace formal medical or mental health services from an appropriately licensed practitioner. You may need to embark upon a personal development journey in order to make changes that you desire. A good reader should be able to provide you with at least a few suggestions and resources that may support you in your journey in addition to helping you achieve greater clarity that feels authentic.

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