How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

By Tammy Stoner


Psychic abilities are gifts from God. Everybody has them, not everybody is aware of them. Developing psychic abilities takes practice, clear consciousness, and listening to intuition. If you don't believe this first sentence, you will have more difficulty developing these abilities, then if you do. You must be aware that each of us has the power to know, what we don't know, as long as we recognize that we don't know, what we don't know. When I was a child, my psychic ability was more accurate then it is today. As a child, I didn't judge or analyze. There were so many things I didn't know. The very ability to not know everything, created an awareness, an opportunity to be open to things I didn't know. It was then, that the ability was the greatest. Frequently, I had dreams that would tell me events that had just occurred. Only I didn't know they had just occurred, at least on a conscious level. As I fell asleep, my consciousness in sleep took in the information.

At age 14, I dreamed my Grandfather had died during the night. I woke in the morning to hear the news from Mom, as she told me "Grandpa died last night". Chills crept up my spine. How did I know this, I wondered? I became afraid of the sixth sense, fearful of my powers. For many years I wasn't in touch with these powers as they frightened me. Today I seek what I fear. Sometimes I do it in sleep by asking before going to sleep, to get an answer to some unknown problem, in my dream. I have been amazed at how often I wake up with the answer. After I lost my husband suddenly and unexpectedly, I asked him to visit me during sleep, and he did. He showed up transparent, looking like a ghost. I asked him what it was like to be dead, and he told me to remember the ocean. I am not sure what that means, except I think it means to concentrate on life, instead of death. When I went to hug him, telling him, I needed him, he was gone. He had vanished. Asking for the dream created it. It wasn't created the way I wanted it to be created, but it was created.

A couple of years ago, I organized my siblings to create a party for my Dad's 70th birthday, which was in July. I ventured into creating a party that was designed to touch, move and inspire. Short on funds to hire entertainment, I wrote a skit for the party, in which we celebrated his mother's 39th birthday.(she had died 42 years earlier) She was pregnant with Dad and was telling all of the children. In the skit, we gave her gifts for her birthday. I had no idea when I wrote that skit, that Dad would die on his mothers birthday, 18 months later. I did know when I wrote the skit, that I was designing a party from the soul. I believe this is part of psychic awareness. Sometimes I know before somebody calls me who it is. I don't have caller ID. I just know. My psychic ability is tied to my level of consciousness. When depressed, when my brain lacks clarity, my ability to know is lacking. When I am feeling clear headed, I am much more aware of the unknown, then when I am not. Developing psychic ability requires trusting intuition, listening to the gut. it's trusting that you know what you don't know. It's believing that you do have this ability. All of us do.

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