How Do Phone Psychics Do What They Do?

By Michael Funicello

Before you can understand how it is that a person who is seemingly a stranger to you (unless you know them previously of course) is going to be able to tell you something about your life and your circumstances, let's take a step back. Phone psychics are not really as much of a stranger to you as you might think. And, you're not as much a stranger to anyone else for that matter as far as most psychics are concerned.

You see, psychic ability is simply the skill of being able to read the subtle energy of someone to help determine what is going on with them and the direction in their life. It is that extra sense that so many people have experienced occasionally or in times of great clarity. That extra sense is actually the root of the word clairvoyance - meaning "to see clearly."

The ability to tap into the collective consciousness is what all psychics do and then it can take any number of forms to become the final psychic reading that you receive. By any number of forms, think phone, email, or live (face to face). This universal consciousness or intelligence is what someone with the right training and practice can tap into. With the connection to this source of wisdom, they can provide answers to your questions.

Some people feel a bit apprehensive having a phone psychic do their reading. They are afraid that the news they will learn will be upsetting or dangerous to know. The fact is that the idea of predicting the future in the way of winning lottery numbers or relationship partners is really more about finding the answers from your own higher self than it is about guessing the number of fingers you are holding behind your back. It is more than some type of party trick.

Don't get me wrong, psychics can provide very entertaining evenings and many do quite well performing readings in groups and with more public venues. Some people find this type of reading a bit too personal and would rather go for the more traditional psychic reading by phone or the increasingly popular email reading.

And, there are some benefits to an email psychic reading as well. Namely, you can keep a copy of your reading to go over again and again until your next one. Or, you can read it several times to pick up the subtle nuances that you may have missed the first go around. Whatever your choice, having a copy of your personal reading can be helpful.

On that topic, you may want to ask the phone psychic you consult with about the ability to record your session. Many will do this and have been for years. Then, you can simply listen with open ears and not worry about writing anything down or forgetting something that was important. As you listen to the recorded version, you can re-live the experience all over again.

Remember that phone psychics are people too. They have a gift and that gift can be quite impressive at times. You may find that each time you have one of those fork in the road of life questions, try to phone a psychic and save yourself a lot of pain.


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