Exploring Techniques Used by Psychic Mediums

By Terri Corbett

Very few people have the gift of being able to act as a bridge between this world and the next. Psychic mediums who have this ability take their responsibility of relaying messages from the dead to the living very seriously. Although a psychic medium's essential task is to create this communication, each one has a personal technique, and each technique has its downside.

The most basic technique that psychic mediums utilize is the cold reading. It involves incorporating methods that help the medium to read a person who they have never met before. Such methods may entail observing a person's body language and vocal intonation, or asking a variety of broad questions that the medium will then interpret. Cold reading is best used by truly gifted mediums that have the ability to attune themselves with the spirit and flow of another person. The downside is that an amateur medium can fail to recognize authentic and meaningful signs. This is not an easy method to practice. Although many skeptics claim that reading a person involves nothing more than asking vague questions and then making even more vague pronouncements, professional mediums can gain great insight into their subjects which can subsequently lead to helpful advice and guidance.

When a psychic medium performs a cold reading, they are attempting to discover certain insights about someone they have perhaps never met before. Similarly, the method of warm reading involves the medium observing and reflecting on a stranger and then making statements about them. To achieve this, a medium will make contact with a paranormal for information about the subject, and that consists of out of the ordinary ghostly phenomena. The information gathered from the paranormal source is usually about something seemingly inane such as 'the deceased wore a gold watch on the left hand'. The purpose of this exercise is to reassure the subject that contact has been made with the dead and their spirit is still alive all around. A potential downside of this technique is that skeptics believe that a medium is just guessing and that they could possibly make a good guess. It is also possible that the subject is so eager to get in touch with a loved one that he/she may fail to be honest in the situation. This is to say, the subject will believe that all pronouncements truly apply to them, even though the visions may be incorrect or slightly wrong.

Cold and warm readings are very popular techniques with those who want to believe that the dead are still alive in spiritual form. Another common technique that does not involve readings is one that relies on a connection between the medium and angelic spirits. Typically, every psychic medium has an angel and these personal angels will help the subject better understand life's synchronicities and planned coincidences. Psychic mediums will explain to you their experiences and direct you in recognizing your own angels. Achieving this enlightenment will lead you to a greater understanding of the realm of angels and will provide you with guidance in your life. There is a downside to this technique, however, and many mediums do warn that it easy to loose touch with the present as you constantly search for guidance from your angels. Although angelic beings are a comforting thought, they cannot live our lives for us. An angelic presence can offer spiritual comfort, but it is still the job of the living to deal with life's responsibilities.

There are several methods used by psychic mediums to make contact with the dead. Each technique practiced by a professional and serious medium has taken time to perfect. Although a psychic medium has the power to greatly influence the living, a large degree of responsibility must be accepted by the subject before embarking on a psychic journey. For any subject to truly benefit from the visions of a medium, it is crucial that the person is willing, open and always honest. Mediums may not always be correct in their pronouncements, but it is up to the subject to be aware of that and respond accordingly.


Teri Corbett is an experienced tarot card reader who lives with the unexplainable gift to see things others can not. She writes about the psychic world in her website Exploring Psychic Readings.


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