Explaining Clairvoyance

By Lisa C Moore

Nearly all psychic work involves clairvoyance.  Clairvoyance: The power to perceive things outside of the natural range of human senses.  Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.  Clairvoyance in it's most  primitive form is just a powerful 'feeling' that something is, or is not, going to happen.  It is probably an innate clairvoyant ability that allowed primitive humans to survive and prosper.  As humans progressed and learned to speak and write and draw, they become less dependent on their innate clairvoyant ability and more on their new-found communication skills.

Today, modern communications are so sophisticated,and our social laws and practrices so stylized, that few people pay any attention at all to innate clairvoyant abilities.  We think that only a select few have the special ability to foresee events.  The truth is that we all the some clairvoyant ability, but it has been driven deep inside  by lack of use, fear of ridicule, and ignorance.

We all have hunches from time to time, and hunches are the tip of the iceberg; hunches are a throwback to the dawn of humanity.  Yet most people ignore their hunches.  Every time you ignore a hunch you are telling your higher mind, 'I don't want to be clairvoyant.'  Eventually you drive your natural clairvoyance so deep that it may be very difficult to retrieve.

I personally believe that clairvoyance is the most important of the psychic abilities and that it is also the one that is naturally most common in people.  If you want to develop your Clairvoyant abilities then start paying attention to your hunches and feelings.  Every time you do you will be telling your mind 'I want to be clairvoyant'.  Your ability in clairvoyance will grow stronger and stronger until your mind accepts these 'hunches & feelings'.

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