Effective Methods To Enhance Psychic Ability

By Andy Jefferson

Do you believe you have latent psychic abilities? Have you often felt something was going to happen and then it actually did? How many times have known what someone was going to say, before they said it? This is your intuition at work and may be just the tip of your sleeping psychic talents. With desire and practice you can bring your own latent abilities to life.

Disciplined practice is the key to helping anyone enhance their psychic ability and developing your own talent only requires the decision to begin.

The human brain is truly the original computer and regularly bombarded with all sorts of images and information. The subconscious memory contains more information than is contained in all of the world's libraries. While some people will develop their psychic ability very little or not at all many others will work to further enhance their intuition.


One of the most important steps in enhancing psychic awareness is to get in touch with one's higher self. This is done through meditation. If you feel you need help learning the technique of meditation, you can often find a class in your community or even teach yourself through the many books available on the subject. Meditation will clear negative emotions and thoughts and promote calm and self-healing. It is important to meditate everyday even if just for 20 minutes.

Relaxation is the key to meditation and opening the flow of psychic energy. So let go of the daily stress and problems. This does not require concentration or effort of any kind, in fact just the opposite.It is important to establish an inner peace, and in time your spiritual energy flow will increase.

Be aware of all you feel and see while meditating, as often these are the answers to your questions and concerns in life. Keep a journal and write down what you experience during your meditative state. Compare your notes to actual events that occur. As you continually practice staying in touch with your inner self, your spiritual development will grow and. the stronger you psychic ability will become.

Remove the Fear

The beginning or practicing psychic should never be afraid of misreading their own intuitive feelings or mental images. If you hang onto the fear of being incorrect then that same fear will cause you to actually be incorrect. Even long time psychics aren't accurate 100% of the time. Moving past your mistakes and continuing to believe in yourself is all part of growing in your psychic abilities.

Many people with psychic abilities are discouraged from making use of their inherent capacities. Being a psychic is not unnatural or something to be feared but rather a disciplined and trained quality accessible to every human determined to pursue it. Developing your psychic ability can enrich your life in many ways, providing a strong connection between your conscious and subconscious mind, enhance your spirituality, and deepen your faith. It is up to you to recognize your talents.

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