Discovering Psychometry and Clairvoyancy

By Ruth Rogers

The odds are that you may only have a vague idea of what psychometry actually is, although nearly everyone has heard of clairvoyancy or a clairvoyant. These two abilities are closely related. The difference lies in the fact that the psychic does not need an object to feel past vibrations, but generally moves directly to the subconscious of the person seeking the "reading".

Psychometry is the ability to hold an object and from it, pick up certain feelings or images about some aspect of the history of the object. This could be where it came from, who bought it or owned it, or perhaps some circumstance of the life or times of a past or present owner.

There are several schools of thought on why psychometry happens. It is believed that we leave behind aka threads on every object we touch. If you accept that the psychometrist is actually sending his aka threads out along those which still remain on the object, then you can understand where the subconcscious is getting the information - from the subconscious of another person or persons. Some people can see into the distant past, sensing the ancient surroundings of an object. Some follow psychically a deceased person into the "beyond" and can see or sense their present condition.

Another explanation for psychometry is based on Dr. Carl Jung's theory of the Collective Unconscious, which is a reservoir of latent images. It is described as a far deeper level of subconscious which we share with all sensory life on this planet.

Theosophists will offer the theory that there is a World-Soul or Akasa, upon whose memory is impressed all that happens. In his works, Edgar Cayce makes references to the Akashic Records. Under this theory, one uses the object held in the hand to make a psychic connection with the part of the memory of the Akasha which has to do with the object's past.

Another aspect to consider are the visions of a psychometric nature which occur in the vicinity of past battles. These visions appear to a number of persons gathered on the scene, and all agree as to what they see. However, there are usually present people who do not see anything. They have simply not learned to tune into the universe.

As you can see, psychometry is closely related to clairvoyancy (or clear-seeing). The difference lies in the fact that the psychic does not need an object to feel past vibrations, but generally moves directly to the subconscious of the person seeking the "reading".

I remember the first object I was given, offered by someone I didn't know. It was a ring, and what came to me was that it was from the late 1800s, as I could "see" ladies in Victorian dress seated in a garden, and that it had crossed water. I also gave a description of the woman who had owned it. Needless to say, I was a little nervous about stating all this, but it turned out that all things were accurate, including a description of the lady who was the current owner's grandmother.

So the most important thing is to have faith in yourself. This comes with practice, and if you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, you have immediately set up a block for the subconscious, and it will have very little success in coming through.

Ruth Rogers. I have been involved in the psychic field for more than thirty-five years as both student and teacher.

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