Develop Psychic Abilities

By Lisa C Moore

We are all born with six senses: Seeing (eyes): Hearing (ears); Touching (skin); Smelling (nose); Tasting (mouth); and your sixth sense (mind) which for arguments sake we will call your psychic sense.  From the moment we are born we are developing our 5 senses, but few people ever develop or use this valuable sixth sense.  This sixth sense can be very powerful.  If the truth be know most of us have not even developed our other five senses to any great extent either.

Seeing  -  Most psychics use sight a great deal in their psychic work.  There are two kinds of psychic sight. Firstly there is the ability to 'see' images inside your own mind.  Second there is the ability to 'see' images outside of your mind, for example ghosts and orbs. 

Hearing  -  When you hear something psychically it is called Clairaudience.  Clairaudience is the ability to hear  recognizable messages from outside the normal hearing range.

One of my examples of Clairaudience is as follows:  I was busy preparing lunch for myself and my 2 year old son.  He was happily playing in our fully enclosed backyard, which had a 4ft fence all around and locked gates.  All of a sudden there was this voice in my head which shouted 'James is out of the garden!'.  I  didn't hesitate. I dropped everything and ran out of the door like a mad woman.  Only to find that my son was up by the main road some 100m away.  We had workman in a few days beforehand and they had removed a panel of fencing.  This obviously had not been fixed back properly and had come loose.  My son was right by the main road.  A woman had stopped in her car and was talking to him, asking him where he was going - his response 'the sweet shop'.  It doesn't bare thinking about what could have happened if it had not been for that voice in my head.  Thank you Clairaudience!  Many people have had experiences like this but have not recognised it. 

Smell  -  Many people have had psychic experiences using the sense of smell.   Spirit seem to find it a good way to contact us.  For example my brother passed into spirit 9 years ago.  But I know he is still with me because I smell him.  He used one particular aftershave - which no one else in the household uses.  I can be washing up or working in the garden  and all of a sudden I will get a very strong smell of my brothers aftershave.  You cannot even purchase this particular scent anymore!   People have experienced a smell of their deceased father's cigar - when no one in the household smokes; or a mother's favorite perfume. 

Touch  -  You are most likely to experience psychic use of your sense of touch (this feels like a physical touch)  if a spirit has come close to you.  You can also feel psychic touch when performing psychic healing.  A great many people perform psychic healing without knowing what they are doing.  A regular experience I have with touch is when I am meditating.  I will be laying down in a lovely relaxed state when I feel slight pressure on the side of my face - just like someone laying a hand on my face.  Or stroking my hair.  It is a pleasant reassuring feeling.

A healing experience many people have is this:  Your child falls and hurts themselves, whether it is a grazed knee or  bumped head.  Most parents naturally place their hand over the injured area and hold it there for a few moments.  Whilst doing this you may experience your hand getting warmer.  When I have done this in the past my children have said 'Mummy, it feels all tingly!'.  This is a natural, instinctive way to perform psychic healing. 

Taste  -  Many psychics experience a bitter, sweet or  acid tastes during their psychic practices.  I have not yet had that type of experience but that does not mean that it hasn't happened to you. 

Mind - (Psychic sense)  In order to develop your sixth sense you will need to work on your other five.  Sensitizing them, so no sensation from either Taste, Smell, Touch, Hearing or Seeing, will escape your attention.  You have to become more sensitive to external and internal stimuli.  Your sixth sense utilizes all of the other five, as well as using it's own mental abilities.  They all have to be fine tuned to achieve their full potential.

So if you want more psychic experiences the get practicing those skills.

I have been interested in all things related to spiritualism, meditation, self development for as long as I can remember. For more interesting articles on Spiritual Development, Psychic Development then check out my site. Contributions/comments welcome.

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