Arthur Ford

Arthur Ford (January 8, 1896 January 4, 1971) was an American psychic spiritual medium, clairaudient and in 1955 founded the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. Born in Titusville, Florida he studied many religions as a child and attended Transylvania College, a Disciples of Christ school in Lexington, Kentucky.

He was ordained as a Disciples minister, and served a church in Barbourbville, Kentucky. His psychic abilities first presented themselves to him during the First World War while serving in the Army he would "hear" the names of fellow soldiers and within the next days they would be on the casualty lists.

After the war he researched psychic phenomena and became a Spiritualist around 1921. He would soon become a trance medium, and "Fletcher," his control, would present himself in these early trance sessions and remain with him for his entire career. One of his lectures in Britain in 1927 was attended by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who the next day said "One of the most amazing things I have ever seen in 41 years of psychic experience was the demonstration of Arthur Ford. He gained national attention when he was believed to have contacted the dead son of Bishop Pike in 1967 on network TV.






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