Absent Healing

Absent Healing or remote healing is a form of psychic healing that takes place when the the person giving the healing is not in direct contact with the person to be healed. Some common names for healing, include: absent healing, faith healing, spiritual healing, laying on of hands and reiki.

It is believed that healing energy is telepathically transfered from the healer to to the subject. Absent healing can be conducted by one healer or in some cases a group of healer combine to focus energy on the subject.

These are to name only a few. Healing is a practice and a belief that individuals can affect others by channeling energy from a higher source. The idea has existed in many cultures since the earliest records of man. Healing can be practiced in a variety of locations including: home, clinics, churches and seminars. It should be noted too, that not all healing is based upon religious faith.

A technique by which a healer is able to help a person although that person is not present. Often described as the “sending of healing energy” to that person.

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