A Psychic Missing Person Case File Exposed

Psychic involvement in missing person cases receives a lot of media coverage, television shows, books and movies often paint a distorted picture of the psychic being able to step into the middle of an investigation and offer miraculous answers which result in a neat and tidy conclusion to the entire affair. The truth is much less glamorous or satisfying to our desire for justice. In fact the misconceptions about psychics and missing person cases have led me to write this article which describes an actual case that I was involved in and will hopefully help to shed some light on this often misrepresented subject.

In 2005 I was contacted by a former law enforcement officer named Tom and was asked to assist in a missing persons case involving a forty year woman. Tom was a 20 year veteran of the Sheriff's Department in the southwest. After a long and distinguished career as a police officer Tom now spent his "retirement" as a private investigator. One of his most frustrating cases was that of a housewife that had been missing for almost a year. Tom had been hired by the missing woman's sister to help find answers.

Unfortunately those answers seemed impossible to find. The missing woman's husband claimed that she had met another man and had run off with him. The husband was questioned by local police but without any evidence to controvert his statement there was little that could be done. The missing woman's family claimed that the husband was abusive and had beaten his wife on several occasions as well as threatened to kill her.

Tom provided me with the same overview of the case that I have provided here. He also provided a few photographs of the exterior of the missing woman's home that were taken about two months after she went missing. Tom also sent a map showing the location of the house.

My first impression after hearing about the missing woman and looking at the photographs was that she was dead, that the husband had killed her. The more that I focused on the issue of her whereabouts the more that I became convinced that this was the case. My second feeling about the missing woman was that she never actually left the house. She was killed in the house, dragged outside, left outside for a period of a few days and then buried on the property, somewhere very close to the house or perhaps under it. I conveyed this information to Tom and he later discovered that a concrete slab was poured in front of the home's front steps two days after the woman went missing. Tom and I are both convinced that the body of the missing woman can be found buried directly under this concrete slab.

Now if this was a television show or a novel, the police would show up with a warrant, dig up the slab and find the body exactly where it was predicted to be and justice would be served. The sad truth of the matter is that the law enforcement officials involved in the case have no inclination to pursue the subject. It's an even sadder truth that there are still parts of the country where the word of a man carries more weight than the disappearance of a woman. I should also point out that the husband involved in this case is the brother of a prominent local police official, and I'm sure this has much to do with the local law's reluctance to further investigate the case.

As this case illustrates popular conceptions about a psychic's involvement in missing person or murder investigations are seldom accurate. Satisfactory conclusions to these cases are rare, family members of the victims still seek closure and justice is elusive if not extinct. As a psychic I am able to validate the intuition of the investigators and offer my own instinctual impressions of the cases. I cannot guarantee that victims are found, I cannot guarantee that perpetrators of crimes are held answerable to their actions, I cannot step outside the boundaries of the law and I cannot promise a climatic and satisfying end to the story.

© 2009 - Jeffry R. Palmer

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